In addition to the ministries at Living Water Missionary Assembly, we are deeply committed to the support of people with a connection to this body that courageously go to foreign shores to spread the Good News.  We commit to support these individuals financially, and more importantly, in prayer. 



Feliz at monument to famous explorers Burton & Speke


Feliz at old German fort built in the 1890’s-Bagamoyo                                    

Marlain w/Marius, Computer Friend, who just Got Saved

Jonathan packing items for the Children’s Hospital  Photo

From Romania with love                                  

 What the People Say:

*** I like it very much the Word you sent me. It's very true, we are living in a days where we are so busy, everything is going very fast, nowhere rest But it's true, in Jesus arms we can find the rest, the peace, the love for every man who needs it. I know a 22 yr. old girl who has serious problems & wants to abandon Jesus and go to Buddha. I am witnessing to her about Jesus so please pray for me .With much love, Adrian

*** “I read with great joy every message I got from you and I read the Word every day. I realized that with every reading I understand (and I feel) more. I have been busy lately starting the Austicism association. We have no experience and not enough money. That’s why is harder than we thought. But we are confident and I pray Jesus for help and support. Mona ( She has an Autistic son)